Fresh off the easel!

From Vaccino’s sense for color qualities, materiality and the balance of the line results the quality of his paintings. He has blended pure color zones together to form a moving field, with solid geometric segments – rectangles, squares, triangles and semicircles – positioned next to gestural painted sections. They lend stability to the picture and relativize the intensity of individual generous brushstrokes, as if they could question the system’s order.

Source: Galerie . Friedmann-Hahn, Artist Bio

Nancy Burgess builds the canvas with architectural elements made in wood and paper. Each work is meticulously sculpted and painted in oil to resemble the elements of reality. They are set back into frames creating a relief and stage-set effect.

For her new pieces, Nancy looks to local landmarks within Southport as her source of  inspiration. Can you guess which Southport landmark is referenced in her work?