Current Show

2nd annual Summer Solstice show

Featuring Linda Puiatti, Joyce Grasso, Brechin Morgan, Patricia Ganek-Davis and Cathy Doocy

The show begins on June 1 with a special opening reception, 5-8 p.m.

Through color, light, and shadow, Linda Puiatti shares her impression of nature and the sense of a moment in time. The paintings offer an emotional connection and invitation to breathe in the air and feel the place, to be reminded of somewhere familiar or dreamed of. A place of quiet and peace. Her paintings hang in private and public collections throughout the US, Europe, Australia, and Africa. 

“I have been painting professionally for over forty years. as a child, I always excelled in art and dreamt of having a career as an artist. I have been strongly influenced by the abstract expressionists. Many of their paintings evoke a tremendous emotional response from me. I hope to do the same in my paintings through color, exciting, provocative line work, texture, and a strong composition. In my seascapes, I try to capture the ocean in a spontaneous, heartfelt, expressive way….it’s a labor of love! I feel extremely grateful that I am able to paint each and every day. My work is in hundreds of corporate and private collections.”- Patricia Davis-Ganek

“Picasso once said, ‘It took me years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.’
As a former art teacher, my young students were always playful and fearless in their approach. Their broad strokes and bright palettes were charged with energy and a joy to behold. Now, in my second career, I approach each canvas and collage piece with that same ethos. My rich toolkit includes bold colors, multiple layers, and varied textures.”- Joyce Grasso

“At the age of 51, in November of 1998, I left Block Island aboard my 27- foot cutter-rigged sailboat Otter, to sail single-handed around the world. After 32,000 miles and 32 countries, I returned to Block Island in May of 2003… I set up a studio in Bridgeport, CT and have been painting from the 18 watercolor sketchbooks I filled on the voyage, the ten-volume journal, logs, memory, and boxes of reference photos. Summer sailing trips in familiar New England waters provide continued material.”– Brechin Morgan

“In my work, the representation of a “landscape” is not the final goal. Instead, I use the vernacular of landscape painting as a method for exploring composition and color. My work is about a painting not landscape; about illusion, not representation; about drawings, not twigs and branches.”- Cathy Doocy