“I move into each piece intuitively, applying complex color combinations that create a “visual vibration.”  When I discover painting within the paintings, I crop and layer parts of the whole to create a larger composition and often apply clear acrylic mediums to create even more depth and texture.”

KATHERINE EVANS is an award winning, Westport based abstract artist who has been recognized for her bold, colorful work featured in many exhibitions and in private collections throughout the United States and Europe. Locally, she is a member of the Greenwich Art Society, Rowayton Arts Center, Ridgefield Guild of Artists and the Westport Arts Center.

Ms. Evans embraces and challenges color interactions in vibrant, layered canvases to produce imaginative moods, movement and natural forms.  Her color palate is intended to awaken an emotional response driven by a life long passion for visual communication and expression.

She finds inspiration in the color harmonies of Helen Frankenthaler, Matisse and Rothko and in the images that emerge from the poetry of Wallace Stevens and the free verse of Frank O’Hara (whose many associations with artists like Jasper Johns and Abstract Impressionist, Michael Goldberg led him to famously compose, “Why I am Not a Painter”!)