“As the practitioner of a non-verbal art, it is difficult to put into words what that art comprehends, so if this statement is less than eloquent, please excuse and simply absorb the paintings.

The art in painting is not simply the presentation of a subject, but the portrayal of relationships among the objects presented and the ground, the haunting resemblances to and reflections of other relationships in the personal experience of the viewer. In other words, the poetry of painting lies not in the images presented so much as in the emotional connections stimulated, brought to mind and made real by each viewer’s individual unique response the picture. Each viewer must have her/his own response, but if the work is good, all the reactions will be analogous, though individual. Art, any art, is a unique means of communicating intuitive, subjective knowledge and understanding.

This is my credo; the goal of my painting. I am trying to communicate the excitement, the delight, and the insight I discovered in doing the painting. In a way a painting is a mood sustained and realized. A picture cannot be comprehended in a glance; paintings like all the temporal arts and most good red wines take time to unveil themselves.”- Jarvis Wilcox