Helen Werngren

I strive to keep my work fresh and vibrant by layering colors and shapes, over and over, until I arrive at the final destination. I consider myself to be a colorist more than anything.”

During Helen Werngren’s artistic journey from Sweden to California—via Westport where she lived with her family for many years–she has achieved a hard fought authenticity. Her art is enjoined and energized with a positive awareness of metaphysical beauty as life’s guiding force. Now at mid-career, her color-field abstractions continue to evolve, as the artist explores her own sensory and visual language. Identifying characteristics of her personalized voice include influences by Frankenthaler and Rothko and West Coast icons, Diebenkorn and Thieaud.

“My paintings are interpretations of my emotions and experiences, my state of mind. Each blank canvas starts out as a spontaneous, experimental journey, full of surprises and problem solving along the way, while I build layers and create openings and stories within the paintings. I love the element of surprise in printmaking, while creating monotypes.  Nature is my greatest source of inspiration with a soft spot for the whimsical, as I draw inspiration from my colorful life as a mom and my many adventurous trips. I record inspirational moments daily, finding beautiful vistas and interesting shapes and forms, wherever they may be. Most of my artist friends are women which I find it to be a very supportive community and I am thrilled to be part of this Abstract Women’s Exhibit.”

In 2008 Helen founded the Art Studio CT in Westport, a collaborative work and exhibition space for artists, where she and fellow Abstract Woman, Katherine Evans have been studio mates for years.