James Travers

"I have never had art training. The beginning of this work, for me, came out of the personal conflagration that was the sickness and death of my first wife, and the aftermath, and other events of that time. Something within me was ignited, or uncovered. Call it a "Creative Imperative", or maybe raw talent. So, for me, this is a serious pursuit. Starting at age 48, with no resume or network, I knew I had no time to lose. I had to focus on the essentials:
-Art has the power to change and enrich lives;
-Sales make the pursuit viable in this real world, but first a work must communicate;
-The existence of a significant body of work is the foundation for any single piece getting out into the world, which is where it has to go to fulfill it's purpose.
Doing the creative work means following the invisible path that leads to the "next piece" or the "next level"--to extend the Body of Work. As of October 2011, I have finished 185 individual sculptures. One took five months, several have taken three months. This began in 1997.
My assertion is that my perspective and materials yield works that embody the best of traditional visual values and sensibilities that are contemporary and will be worth owning, now and in the future."- James Travers

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