Beth Munro

“My paintings, whether composed of fruit, flowers or dishes are sometimes based on reality, sometimes derived from my imagination–often a combination of both. I walk the line between representation and abstraction. Paint and form take on a life of their own. The texture of the paint at times is as dominant as the objects within the work of art. Color and pattern, whether derived from ethnic ceremonial costumes, 19th and 20th century stencils, swatches of fabric or even my daughters’ own illustrations continue to influence my work. The interaction of color, pattern, texture and form creates a harmonious rhythm, keeping the eye constantly moving through the composition.

I’ve been influenced by many artists. I grew up in an artistic family, in which my father, a designer and painter, played a significant role in my artistic development. Matisse, Cezanne, Vuillard, Thiebaud and Janet Fish have all been sources of inspiration.

I hope with my work to convey a mood, to delight the eye, and to explore and capture the whimsical nature of life.”-Beth Munro

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