Southport Galleries is delighted to welcome, Brechin Morgan as our featured artist for our early summer exhibition, Voyages & Vistas: Southport to Sri Lanka;  Brec's artistic vision is inspired by his nearly 5-year journey circumnavigating the world aboard the 27-foot sailing vessel, Otter. During his solo voyage he sketched and water- colored sunrises and sunsets, ports and ship industry-- selling his works along the way to finance his incredible journey.

A Milford resident, Brec now finds inspiration in our local waters from his studio in Bridgeport. The artist spent much of this spring painting Southport's unparalleled harbor vistas.

Blessing of the Fleet

"Blessing of the Fleet" will be the featured image for Southport village's annual Blessing of the Fleet Parade on Saturday, June 24th.

Join us May 11th from 5 to 8 p.m. to meet this accomplished artist, navigator and local legend.