Opening reception: April 27, 5-8 pm, free and open to the public

“This entire body of work is about coming back to the basics of who I am as an artist, not only in my process and style but primarily in my purpose. In the last several months, I’ve tried to make something almost everyday to explore these ideas. Why do I make art? While peeling back these layers, really taking the time to sit, to listen and mediate and think on these ideas, I’ve experienced irritation, pain, frustration but I’ve ultimately come to a place of feeling fresh, alive, content, new, reborn, cleansed, excited and hugely grateful. Making art for me is simply a gift. It is an outlet for emotions, a way to express beauty, a way to mediate, a place of peace and a joy creator. What I’ve also learned in my life is to learn to let go of the viewer. As an artist, it is so easy to become attached to what the view may experience. As I’ve learned in my years of practice to fully commit to my own truth and not worry about what others may think, my work can come from a more authentic and therefore more raw and brave space. It’s quite liberating to know that what I put out in the world is an exact representation of who I am as a person. What my heart, mind and gut feel.”- Katy Ferrarone, artist statement