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Rob Brooks
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USA fine artist Rob Brooks is a contemporary American painter who brings Social Realism back to the forefront. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1962, Rob has been a full time professional artist for 26 years. Educated at the Art Institute of Boston, Rob studied under Nathan Goldstein and received the Academic Achievement Award at his graduation.

After graduating, Rob began a 14 yearlong career as a freelance illustrator. He was eventually asked to join Renard Represents of Manhattan, New York, one of the illustration industry’s most prestigious artist groups. Rob created award-winning paintings used in advertising campaigns for clients such as AT&T, IBM and Microsoft, to name just a few. Rob was commissioned to create paintings used for the covers of two issues of Der Spiegel, Germany’s equivalent of Time Magazine. One of Rob’s paintings was used on the cover of Sydney Sheldon’s novel “Nothing Lasts Forever”.

After moving to Cape Cod in the early 1990’s, Rob spent more and more time concentrating on his fine art, painting outdoors and connecting with the beauty of the coast. Nature’s repetitive rhythms and the intense, saturated light along the shore fascinated Rob. Although still a realist, this led to an abstract quality in his approach to composition and color.

Rob showed regularly in galleries around the United States, and his success resulted in his switch to painting fine art full time in 1997.

Soon after, Rob began painting urban figurative narratives that combined the abstract compositional elements of his coastal works with the abstract.