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Miggs Burroughs
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A lifelong resident of Westport, and full time graphic artist since 1972, Miggs has designed hundreds of logos, ads, brochures, and now websites, for commercial and non-profit clients throughout Fairfield County. He has created award-winning posters for Save The Children, The American Red Cross and Baskin-Robbins, among others, as well as the Westport Town Flag, and an Easter Egg for the Reagan White House, which now resides in the Smithsonian Institution.

His early Pop Art style paintings and prints were sold in galleries in Boston and New York in the 1970’s, leading to a commission for a U.S. Postage Stamp and four covers for TIME Magazine. More recently, he has won much acclaim for his work with lenticular imagery, which has also been exhibited in several one-man shows throughout Fairfield County since 2003, winning several “Best in Show” awards. One of these cutting edge images was also chosen to be a part of the West- port School’s Permanent Art Collection. He is represented by Southport Galleries in Southport, CT, Gallery 286 in London, England and at Everiss Gallery in Schattenhalb, Switzerland.

He has been honored as a Paul Harris Fellow by the Westport Rotary, one of the YMCA’s Faces of Achievement, and as Volunteer of the Year by CLASP of Westport, and STAR of Norwalk among others.

Miggs is a 1967 graduate of the Carnegie Tech Drama Dept. in Pittsburgh (now Carnegie Mellon University). His short-lived career in the theater began and ended with an audition for “The Graduate”. An actor of questionable talent, named Dustin Hoffman got the part.


In 1692, a French painter named Bois-Clair invented a process, which allowed him to display two pieces of art within one frame. He cut each painting into vertical strips and then re-assembled them, alternating the strips from one painting with the strips from the other, and then folded them up like an accordion. I merge two digital photos into one, using 30 stripes to the inch, and then laminate it with an optical plastic that has 30 grooves to the inch. These act like little prisms, which separate the images, tricking the eye and teasing the mind.

“I am intrigued by all the changes and transitions – large and small, real and imagined – that are part of our daily lives. The lenticular process allows me to explore these experiences in a fresh and somewhat cinematic way. During your time with these unconventional photos you will be enlisted as a collaborator, controlling the speed, sequence, and ultimately, the significance of what you see. These images will only be as meaningful as the stories that you are willing to bring to them. Bon voyage!”

– Miggs Burroughs