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Jessie Mackay
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Jessie Mackay “is recognized in the art world as an artist who can go to the most desirable tourist destinations in Europe — to the impoverished heart of Africa — and the ability and desire to capture the colors of both places, as well as the people, with a great deal of sympathy, is a welcome, valuable resource.”

–William Zimmer, Contributing Art Critic, New York Time

“The serious painting began when I was consulting – working in an auto plant with assembly line workers. The atmosphere was grim, and watching their bodies bending over their work was such an emotional experience for me that I started making drawings of them at night when my work was done, and then painting from the drawings back in my hotel room. The work I was doing was very exacting, data oriented – so the emotions would build up and find their outlet through painting.”

-Jessie Mackay

Born to British parents in Washington, D.C., Jessie spent her early years mostly in England and Connecticut, and now travels the world seeking inspiration for her next series of paintings.

She attended Bay Path College for Women, Longmeadow, Massachusetts (A.S.); Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia (B.A. ), and did coursework at the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland.

Jessie has a home in Pinehurst, North Carolina.