Ellen Hermanos

I work each painting in multiple layers, adding and removing color to allow pieces of previous decisions to show through, insinuating other times and layers.  I am enjoying exploring what lies beneath the surface as colors pop through in delightful, surprising ways that move my work in new directions and add complexity…which I value in abstract art.”

Abstract Painter, ELLEN HERMANOS explores color and texture using a brush, a palette knife, and a sponge roller to create exciting and unintentional combinations to create new and unexpected results. The blurred areas relate to stronger lined areas representing past and present events. The titles of her works are often derived from meaningful words people use to describe experiences. 

Raised in New York City, and educated in art history and social work, Ms. Hermanos allows psychology to influence her creative process to produce rich layers while adding complexity and depth to colorful surfaces.   Since 2005, her work has been featured in solo and group from Boston to Orleans. Her work has appeared on television and in motion pictures.  She lives and works in Weston, Massachusetts with her family.


The artist received a BA in Art History/Fine Art at William Smith College—where she was a classmate of gallery owner, Jennifer Cargill. She earned a Graphic Design Certificate from the Massachusetts College of Art, and attended the Museum School of Fine Arts–Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice, Italy.