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Babette Bloch
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Award-winning sculptor Babette Bloch has a national reputation as a pioneer in laser-cut stainless steel sculpture.

Her chosen medium and process allow her to embrace a range of eclectic projects, suiting her technical curiosity and sometimes whimsical vision.

Bloch divides her time between site-specific one-of-a-kind commissions for specific or unusual spaces, and limited edition works exhibited at fine art galleries.

Her recent commission for Brookgreen Gardens, the first public sculpture garden in America, resulted in four separate 9’ high stainless steel figures sited along a 1/4 mile historic path.

The artist begins each project with exquisitely refined black-on-white drawings. Once the stainless steel is laser-cut Bloch shapes, welds, and textures the surface of the metal by grinding, sandblasting, or painting her sculptures.

“I’m intrigued that I can continually meld the classic and the modern using stainless steel and modern industrial technologies,” says the artist. “I began sculpting in 1980, and discovered this new medium in 1993. Since then I have been experimenting and exploring with fabrication which has been incredibly exciting and gratifying.”

An active member of The National Arts Club, Babette has been awarded the NAC’s “President’s Medal” in recognition of the cultural and educational programming she has helped bring to this national historic landmark. She currently serves as volunteer President of The Artists’ Fellowship Inc., founded in 1859, an organization that assists professional fine artists during times of emergency.

Babette is married to fellow sculptor Marc Mellon. Babette and Marc have his and hers studios in Redding, Connecticut, and two very artistic daughters.